MedTec Consulting GmbH

View of the EasternGraphics GmbH buildings in Ilmenau.

Consulting and sales of visual product configuration systems and 3D planning systems from the university city of Ilmenau
In 2013 we set up MedTec Consulting as a spin-off company from Ilmenau University of Technology and EasternGraphics and we are now established as pioneering software developers here, in the heart of Germany. Within Germany and abroad, end users and business partners rely on our expertise in creating visual product configuration systems and innovative software for 3D design. MedTec Consulting is inter alia the specialized partner of EasternGraphics for medical, dental, laboratory and pharmaceutical industries.

Development Expertise, Expert Advice
Our brains, 150 of them from our softwarepartners, are all professionally engaged for you. We manage the company, its sales, distribution and user helpdesk, we create the CAD databases and we develop the software and the EasternGraphics web presence. At any one moment our innovative work is state of the art and usually even in advance of it. EasternGraphics products will support your enterprise, giving you the edge in performance and profit because of their innovative quality.

Are you a manufacturer, a dealer, an end user, a designer or an architect? We have authorized agents in Germany who will gladly give you advice and support. Be like the others among our 150 satisfied customers and benefit from our expert knowledge in interior design. We have partners who specialize in designing and furnishing offices or whole buildings, living areas, lighting, acoustics, medical technology, laboratory equipment and commercial or warehouse settings.
Besides the headquarters in Ilmenau and the German authorized agents, the softwarepartners and we have subsidiaries and business partners in Italy, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Rumania, Russia and Poland.