Plan - Present - Sell

When it comes to the planning of interior designs, presenting them well and selling them profitably you need not only your own skills but also data that is instantly available and always reliable.

Increase your profits and inspire everybody – colleagues, distributors and customers – with 3D designs you have created fast. Astound them with your graphic presentations and your prices. Use the various applications made available to you by pCon® technology – you can work with them so easily and so speedily.

Save time while planning your designs, converting 2D floor plans to 3D or creating complete 3D interiors. Put the products you need into a single design and, with only a few clicks of the mouse, use the stored product data to configure them so that they are integrated direct into your design. This means that you can present your customers with a solution before their eyes. The presentation will be skilful and professional with outstanding graphic quality. There can be a video animation if you or they wish. From this point on, it will only take a step or two to the price quotation. Your customers are bound to be delighted with you and your brilliant consultancy – and, of course, your products themselves.

Use pCon® technology to speed up your distribution process from the enquiry stage through the confirmation of order. Do it with inspiration, creativity and conviction.