pCon.basket is powerful software enabling complex price quotations to be made flexibly and fast.

This software uses OFML® data to give you many advantages in structuring comprehensive commercial detail for your items, including how they are rendered.

Your sales reps and sales departments can configure individual price quotations and do the calculations not only fast but accurately; you can produce alternative items and variations for your price quotation including their installation and supply terms. You can integrate the individual purchasing and sales discounts related to your suppliers and customers. Your own mark-ups and net prices will appear at a click of the mouse.

Use personalized printout forms to round off your customized price quotation. Make it appeal visually by integrating graphics into it.

pCon.basket can be built into existing ERP systems by means of flexible interfaces. This feature offers you a multitude of possible applications and you will find synergy working for you in your existing application world.

Screenshots of pCon.basket

Initial view
List of articles
Configuration of individual articles
Calculation of individual articles