Distributing data via online catalog

If you are a manufacturer the pCon.catalog will serve you in many ways. The pCon.catalog is a powerful data platform for you to make graphic product details easily available. To do this, you upload a 2D or 3D symbol in the format DWG,  DXF, SKP, SAT or 3DS and simply add further commercial or marketing information as required. If you already have the data in the formats listed you can integrate them very simply into the pCon.catalog.

Whether for your premium products or your individualized items, pCon.catalog gives you scope for inspiration and is available worldwide.
You have the option of using your own product catalog only internally in your own company, or of using access restriction to limit the user group (perhaps companies or selected partners). pCon.planner and AutoCAD® can be used by authorized designers, architects, traders and end user to insert at a click of the mouse the DWG data you have provided into the designs they have just made: they will be to scale and the relevant technical and commercial distribution data will be attached to them.

Whether you want photorealistic renderings, virtual tours, 360° panoramas or Flash content – with pCon.catalog you can create for the user a whole world of experience around your products.

You can also, if desired, put your own catalog up on the pCon.catalog portal, which combines a range of online catalogs from reputable manufacturers and, with its 2D/3D furnishing data, provides the basis of professional designs and their marketing and distribution. For a small outlay you can achieve rapid market penetration by your products: thousands of contacts worldwide, motivated trading partners, smooth planning and superb brand positioning – worldwide, 24/7.

Come and visit the pCon.catalog portal and see for yourself.

Screenshots of pCon.catalog Portal

Homepage of pCon catalog portal
"Product worlds" page
“Manufacturers' catalogs” page
Example, D-Tec online catalog
Overview page, with inspiring ideas
Details page for one inspired idea
You can, of course, call up the catalog portal straight from pCon.planner.