Storage and maintenance of product data

Screenshot of CatalogItems for managing a series.

On today’s market, your competitive edge will depend on using intelligent electronic product data. Products today are complex with many variations. Because of this their successful and profitable distribution relies on the availability worldwide of perfectly accurate commercial and graphic data.

By adopting our pCon.creator tool you can easily use OFML® to create a single, consistent data platform. This multimedia world of ours means that catalog data is constantly increasing, both in quantity and type. And it will be stored in various places and on various types of storage medium, often in various versions. Keeping up to date requires huge ingenuity.

But with pCon.creator it’s an easy task to import, organize and maintain all your commercial data, whether from ERP systems, stocks, Excel lists or 2D designs and 3D designs made with AutoCAD®, Inventor and the like.

There are high-performance checking algorithms in pCon.creator which will ensure your data is always of the highest quality. Manual checking of data, which is so time consuming, is kept to a minimum because it is mostly done automatically by pCon.creator. Even as you compile the data, the intelligent dialogs will help you check all entries on an ongoing basis, which is the best possible support you can have while creating your database.

pCon.creator’s application of standard database technology makes a wide variety of shortcuts available to you. It is easy to adapt the structures and functions to the particular extensions you need for any particular customer.

You can also customize your distribution and marketing tools (catalogs, ecommerce platforms and so on) to particular target groups by using pCon.creator to give you the optimum database. You keep time and effort for data maintenance to an absolute minimum, you ensure your data is available smoothly and fast all over the world, and you can rely on its being of the highest quality for use in the distribution chain.

Screenshots of pCon.creator

Screenshot of pCon.creator ArticleMaster.
Screenshot of PropertyClass management.
Screenshot of ArticleMapping (linking commercial articles to images).
Screenshot of ODB Object SelectedMacro.
Screenshot of CatalogStructure for managing a series.
Screenshot of CatalogItems for managing a series.