Distribution of product data over the Internet

The idea behind pCon.update is to make OFML® data readily available over the Internet. Data will be available all over the world within seconds in its updated form with web technology.

Using pCon.update, you will find that bringing the data up-to-date in even the most complex of global company structures will be child’s play. Your subsidiaries, distributors, sales reps, dealers and designers will be sent the current data fully automatically. All the marketing, distribution, commercial and graphic information such as images, texts, prices etc. will be there directly in real-time and available to support sales.

pCon.update means that all participants will have the relevant data permanently on hand. You can keep any errors in the data to a minimum, you can save costs, you can avoid sources of error and you need not create redundant data. Specified access rights and a related authorization process enable data targeted to a particular group to be made available only to that group. What our software product gives you is a huge measure of flexibility and the highest of data quality.

Screenshots of pCon.update

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