Integration in AutoCAD®

pCon.xcad is smoothly integrated into AutoCAD®. This means that users have a powerful means of controlling their items in the AutoCAD® software. Not only 2D or 3D renderings are available, but also commercial information such as textual descriptions and prices. Products can be inserted easily, then configured and placed at the right position. The stored items list will be synchronized automatically with the graphic rendering.

Besides the insertion and editing of articles, there are particular forms of interaction to enable simultaneous editing of a number of articles at once. pCon.xcad enables selective 2D and/or 3D rendering within AutoCAD®. This ensures the efficient editing of larger designs which it may not be possible to process three-dimensionally in their entirety.

pCon.xcad stores data in the AutoCAD® DWG file. If files are sent to a user who does not have pCon.xcad, only graphic data can be loaded. Any necessary texts can be extracted from the files using the free pCon.cadLoader.

You will set new standards in the graphic and commercial processing of commissions by using pCon.xcad. The pCon.xcad article list can be transferred to the pCon.basket price quotation system. By this means, you will achieve the best possible customer service from your design through to your price quotation. You will give a dynamic feel to the whole procedure through customer’s confirmation and the work on the commission.

Screenshots of pCon.xcad