Data service


In the interaction between manufacturers, dealers and the end customer, efficient creation and distribution of the commercial and graphic data is vital for the improvement of electronic communication. That way, the process of price quotation, ordering and order completion goes smoothly.

Customer acceptance depends crucially on whether the data are up to date, of high quality and easy to handle. The same applies to profitable processes. Which is why MedTec Consulting provides you with a “one-stop shop". Our services -

  • highest quality databases kept fully up to date
  • data distribution that is flexible, inexpensive and bang on time
  • full, competent training and support

    will give you outstanding results.

OFML data creation

Since 1999, the OFML data standard has been available to underpin high-quality product data for use in configuration and design systems. The standard allows optimum realisation of all aspects of electronic product description.

  • Design logic
  • Graphic and geometrical data
  • Commercial data (prices, item description)
  • Data relevant to configuration (properties, figures for the properties and relations between them)

Come to MedTec Consulting for support in uploading your data and for training on all conversion questions.

Contact us! We will gladly support you in creating a solid database on which your dealers can rely.