Data norms


The design and configuration systems developed by EasternGraphics will work on a variety of platforms. All our systems have graphic user interfaces which the users can easily understand and use. It is possible to use all the necessary graphic and commercial product data in all the pCon systems with full flexibility and transparency because the OCD and OFML data standards have been made to agree.

This is where to go to find out more about the individual standards. If you have any questions, please ask in an email and we will be glad to reply.

OFML (Office Furniture Modeling Language)
This data standard was commisioned by the BSO (the German association for office and other commercial furniture and seating, Büro-Sitz-und Objektmöbel e.V.) and originated by EasternGraphics. Meanwhile it is not only members of the association who benefit from the well-established standard, but other companies and branches of industry. The data language covers all product properties requiring processing within a design and configuration system –

  • design logic
  • graphic and geometrical data
  • commercial data (prices, item description)
  • data relevant to configuration (properties, figures for the properties and relations between them).

The OFML® data standard facilitates designs which are independent of AutoCAD® and contains a product data management system which makes it possible to integrate commercial and configuration details of products from external databases.

The current specification can be downloaded here in PDF format: English version

OCD (OFML Commercial Data)
OCD is a useful system for the storage of commercial product data required or exchanged in business processes between manufacturers and their distribution channels. The primary tasks covered by OCD are as follows:

  • configuring complex items
  • establishing prices and whether they are up to date
  • providing details for order forms and price quotation forms
  • supporting statistics and controlling the supply process.

The current specification can be downloaded here in PDF format: English version