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As you make daily use of our software, the EasternGraphics support team has one aim: to make it easy for you. Our technical experts are available and will gladly respond to your questions and work with you on appropriate solutions.

Customers of our authorized distribution agents
Please contact your agent direct as these are the people who are familiar with your contracts and with your branch of industry.

Office and other commercial furnishings, warehouse and factory equipment
wegscheider office solution gmbh
Tel. +49 9135 2111-0 | info(at)

Direct customers of EasternGraphics GmbH
The easiest and fastest way to contact us (without a telephone queue) is to send us an email:

The telephone number for our support team is: +49 3677 6782-33

Monday - Thursday

9am - 5pm


9am - 2pm


You’re an end-user? You’re using our free software?
We have provided you with the answers to many questions on, where you will also find video tutorials and other help. But we will also give you personal help if you need it. Simply email us using this form.

We care about the opinions you express! We also care about optimizing our products and services and are always busy doing so. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your needs and wishes and any other observations.
The email address to use for your feedback is support(at)